PfSense in a virtual machine… not pingable

  • First off, I apologize if this is a rudimentary question but I am very new to pfSense.

    I installed pfSense1.2 on a virtual machine following the very helpful tutorial found at The VM is hosted on a Dell workstation with a single physical NIC that is attached to our LAN switch. I have created two virtual network adapters inside the VM, one bridged to the physical NIC and the other set to "Custom: VMnet2" as per the tutorial's instructions.

    PfSense sees the two virtual adapters and I assigned the LAN and WAN interfaces. I then installed pfSense to the virtual hard disk.

    The problems I'm having are:

    1. I can't ping LAN or WAN interfaces from the host computer where the VM resides or from any client computer on my LAN. I CAN ping these interfaces and all other IPs on our LAN using the ping feature in pfSense.

    2. I can't access the webgui at which is expected if I can't ping this address.

    I'm sure it's something stupid that I'm (not)doing, but I've been looking through the Wiki and haven't been able to find a solution. Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • Hello,

    Is this helps? :,37.0.html


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