• Hi, i have a tripple WAN setup with 2 DSL and 1 Cable line. It is working well on policy based rules and GW groups. But only for IPv4. Now i would like to use all the IPv6 of the Lines in the same way.

    The cable line is IPv4 ONLY so it hast a HE Tunnel for IPv6 => Main usage at the moment, it is a tunnel but it is static so nice and easy to setup.
    Both DSL Lines have a 24h changing prefix but it is native. So there is the whish to use IPv6 via the native connection.

    Both DSL Lines have a FritzBox and the PFsense is behind. The FritzBox is the DHCPv6 Server with prefix delegation. That should be fine.
    But on the PFsense side it does not get the prefix change, i have to manually reconnect the interface that PFsense is aware that the prefix changed. Every day i get tons of emails that both WAN's are down and obmitted from the gw groups.

    So how can i control the leastime on the WAN client side? It seems that pfsense expect IPv6 is always static and does not ask for a new lease. But i can't find any option inside the Interface settings for DHCPv6.

    Then let's say i can solve this i wan't to use this way with Ntp: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Multi-WAN_for_IPv6

    But does i understand it correctly that i need to setup a static prefix? If yes it will not work for me, right?  Is there any other way to implement mwan for Ipv6?

    I know it makes no sense that the prefixes are changing from the Provider side but i can't change this and need to live with it.

    Best regards