Outbound FTP and CARP/VIP

  • We recently migrated from a single pfSense server to a dual server fail-over CARP/VIP setup.

    pfSense1 –--------  CARP/VIP  --------- pfSense2
    Ext. x.x.x.57                  x.x.x.58                x.x.x.59

    I enabled advanced outbound NAT, and created the following rule:
    WAN * * * x.x.x.58 * No

    All traffic I've tested comes out through the assigned external VIP, except for FTP which comes out through the master pfSense box.

    Due to vendor IP restrictions, we really need to have FTP connections coming through the VIP, is this possible?


  • Disable the FTP Helper on the interface config page.

  • Thanks GruensFroeschli, that took care of it!

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