With backup WAN, what are steps to fail back

  • The pfSense book says that while the failover to a backup WAN is automatic, the restoration of service via the main WAN connection is not. But it doesn't describe how to manually accomplish that, either.

    Assuming the book is accurate about this, what are the manual steps to go back to the primary line?


  • When the primary connection comes back up, it will be used for newly established traffic. If you have an existing session, it will continue to use the backup line until it expires. If you want to force everything to re-establish on the primary line, reset the states.

  • Thanks. I was misinterpreting this passage in the book:

    When a gateway has failed, by default pfSense will flush all states for connections using that gateway. That mechanism
    will force clients to reconnect, and in doing so they will use a gateway that is online instead of a gateway that is down.
    This currently only works one-way, meaning that it can move connections off of a failing gateway, but it cannot force
    them back if the original gateway comes back online.

    Didn't read that as only applying to existing connections. As long as new connections go by the currently favored gateway, I'm happy.