• "Sorry Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here."

    What? First off, "here" isn't defined. It doesn't like Firefox? It doesn't like being embedded in the portal.pfsense.org webpage?

  • I've never had a problem playing any of the videos in Chrome, but I can't recheck since my subscription expired a couple of weeks ago.

    Have you tried a different browser?  I know that FF released a new version today or yesterday.

  • I have no problems playing them in Firefox.

  • @whitwye:

    …privacy settings...

    I'd guess it's a browser setting.

  • Banned

    WFM. Try without various "helpful" extensions (safe mode) and with cookies allowed, perhaps.

  • Thanks for responses. It does work for me in Chrome.

    Still trying to puzzle out what the error message means, since "it's privacy settings" seems to refer to settings associated with the the video itself. Vimeo has "privacy settings"? Is that their Orwellian way of saying "DRM"?

  • Is that their Orwellian way of saying "DRM"?

    There's no DRM involved.  The videos are simple mp4's.  A quick Google shows it seems to be a Vimeo problem.  Lots of people with the same problem going back a couple of years.