• Dear Sirs,

    I need an advice if it is possible to achieve this:

    internet      >   pfsense              >  lan 
    client               nat http                   multiple internal http server
                           from  80 to  80 of: for client 1   
                                                 for client 2
                                                 for client 3

    can the client from the internet be allowed to access only the corresponding internal server i.e. client1 can connect only to

    How can I knwo who is the client from the internet?

    I cannot use vpn.  Only http.

    Kindly ask your where to look to start searching documentation.
    Thanks, BR

  • Banned

    Use haproxy.

  • just last question:

    Name          Version
    haproxy         0.48_1
    haproxy-devel 0.52

    better start with stable or devel ?

    Thanks for fast reply, have a nice day

  • HAProxy 1.7 stable was just released so you might want to try the 1.7 Dev package with the hope that it will be upgraded to stable soon enough.