Pfsense Harddrive usage

  • I have a 80GB disk in my pfsense 1.2 firewall and after about 4 months of usage with squid I've got a 75 % filled disk.

    I left all the squid settings alone and didn't change the cache/log sizes.

    Can somebody tell me how I can quickly see where all the data is being stored and what is actually taking up all the space?

    I have no unix/freebsd knowledge.

  • Connect to the console as root, start a shell and type:

    cd /
    du -csm *|sort -n

    Wait for it to finish, the one at the bottom is the largest directory.  To drill down type:

    cd directory
    du -csm *|sort -n

    Repeat until you get the answer you were looking for ;)

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