Multi WAN and double NAT

  • Hi,

    Been searching, found some posts that skirt around the edges of my question but nothing solid, so thought I ask.

    We have an ADSL service and are adding a fiber service shortly.  Retaining the ADSL service for fail over and will make the fiber service the primary connection.  So far, easy enough.

    pfSense currently does the PPPoE auth for the ADSL service and the public IP is assigned to pfSense.  We have several NAT rules in place.

    The fiber service will have an RJ45 hand-off with the router being managed.  Have allocated to the managed router internally and plan to allocate to pfSense - a different IP range from the Prod network being  With the ports needing NAT, is it as simple (and nasty…) as double NAT?  Eg -  the managed router NATs port XXX to then NAT port XXX to wherever in the Prod network.

    Seems simple and I suppose I'm just after some reassurance.  Although a longtime pfSense user, this type of configuration I'm unfamiliar with.

    Thanks for your time.