Vodafone Fiber work through PPPD host.uniq.patch

  • Good evening everyone, I am writing to make a request for the integration of a very special patches created by a developer OpenWRT called Matteo Croce
    The patch is called host-uniq.patch allowing through the PPPD demon to connect with Vodafone Fiber.
    I tried to contact the developer and unfortunately he does not know FreeBSD in order to integrate the patch but he responded me that the Demon PPPD should be the same and probably the patch works as it is.
    Someone is able to integrate it into PfSense?

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    The normal way to get things integrated would be

    • upstream
    • failing then, the upstream distribution
    • when everything else fails, the downstream

    Other than that, pfSense is using mpd (https://www.freshports.org/net/mpd5/) AFAICT, so that patch won't apply at all.

  • so it can not be done?

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    Well certainly not with a patch for completely different implementation.

  • I think this patch should do https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/7618 but nothing seems moving.

    There are signs of reportings in upstream https://sourceforge.net/p/mpd/discussion/44693/thread/20413c88/ but even my self I couldn't be sure to where exactly "Create Support request ticket" as I can only see Forums support, Bugs and Patches. In fact I'm not considering this as being reported.

    Their all-in-one modem gets updated and rebooted at their liking so it have to go asap.
    While looking at different alternatives I end up over pfSense route which, by the way, is the only way to strip hardware down.

    Without pfSense support I would end up with a (any) modem to bridge, a modem for login and then pfSense.

    If any more support request should be done elsewhere to push this up, please give me an hint to where.

    A wish, on 2.4.0_p2 would be great :D


  • we need this so badly, opnsense proved to be rock solid with this patch with so minimal effort

  • There is it was an issue with PADO packets and was promptly resolved by the developer.

    mleone87, remember that you will lose VOIP, if you use it… but I believe you already know this.
    So if you need VOIP, keep using their fiber modem.


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  • Voip credentials are not a problem ;)

  • Something is moving into this direction, thus still not entirely tested and so not ready for a merge review, there is a pull request ready https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense/pull/4048