1.2.1 Disk Label Not Found Problem

  • This is kinda weird anyone know what the issue might be? Setups are as follows

    Using DELL Precision 530's (3 different units running 1.2)
    All have latest bios, same bios settings (except where boot device is different), etc.. blah blah blah

    1 of the boxes is using IDE vs SCSI for the main drive and some odd reason every time I attempt to install 1.2.1 or 1.3 the disk labeling will NOT complete on the IDE box (works on the SCSI units thou) if fresh install it finds the drive formats but when it attempts to label it, it cant and quits.  Doing a upgrade from 1.2 the device reboots but ends up at the driveboot prompt after the grub loader (which it cannot find /dev/sd0s1a)

    I forget the other options in 1.2 when installing but I only need to check GRUB off, does packet mode and the other option need to be checked for these newer updates/releases (just came to me right now)

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