Softflowd on Multiple Interface not working

  • I got Pfsense Softflowd to work with nfsen on single public gateway interface, but we have 2 gateways. Though I ctrl+click the 2 interfaces on softflowd and then setup nfsen.conf with the public IP address of each gateway and same port that I setup in pfsense softflowd. But checking the web page of nfsen no data is displayed. I see that softflowd is capturing data on the 2 interfaces by running the commandsoftflowctl -c /var/run/softflowd.em0.ctl statisticsand the command for 2nd interface```
    softflowctl -c /var/run/softflowd.em1.ctl statistics

    How do i get nfsen to get the data for the 2 public gateway interfaces? Does softflowd include the public gateway IP addresses in its captured data. What I am doing wrong?
    Thanks for all your help?

  • Hello,
    I've seen this thread regarding the usage of Softflowd  on a mutliple interfaces environment and I was wondering if you managed to get you problem fixed ?
    We are actually trying to send interfaces' netflow data to our analyser but, as you noticed, we are only getting data from only one interface, even if the daemon seems to register data on all 3  selected interfaces.
    If you have further info on this subject, I would really appreciate further inputs.

  • Hello,

    I have same problem with softflowd and multiple interfaces.

    Any solution?

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