New Animated Dashboard Interfaces Widget Icon (sad I know)

  • Make your nic port icon flash by dropping the attached icon file into your theme icon folder,

    eg. /usr/local/www/themes/nervecentre/images/icons/icon_cablenic.gif

    Also does anyone know how to tweak the php widget so that a 100Mb link will display the green icon and my orange icon for a 1000Mb link?

  • I tried this in 1.3 and then looked in dashboard for flashing nic and saw none.  I did see two other gifs named icon_interface_down and icon_interface_up.  Are these the images showing in 1.3 dashboard?


  • I logged back in a couple of hours later and the nic icons on the dashboard are blinking!  Very cool.  I hope you get the different colors working for the different connection speeds.  Its little things like this that make managers totally not understand IT ;D

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