Port Forwarding + rewriting source ip

  • Hi

    I'd like to use pfsence as a second (yes I know, slightly odd… but in my special case it makes sense.)
    firewall in my network.
    Therefore the pfsence box is NOT the standard gateway.

    I enabled port forwarding.
    It works fine, but I couldn't figure out, how to get the source ip address of the packets rewritten.
    At current state, the incoming (from WAN) packets get routet through to the specified machines.
    But as the source IP's remain the original ones, the answering machine tryes to route them through
    my standard gateway, which blocks them.

    How can I enable inbound NAT and source ip rewriting on the firewall?

    I also need more than 2 port forwarding rules, so i figured out that 1:1 NAT doesn't fit here.

    The config as I want to have it works fine on n old openSUSE machine wich i want to replace.

  • I never actually tested this.
    I "think" if you create an "advanced outbound NAT" rule that NAT's from the WAN to your LAN it should rewriting the source.

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