HQ is opening remote office-Put PFSense at hq or remote?

  • Hi,

    HQ has 15 users, remote office will have 5 users. Plan to have vpn between them.

    HQ has T1, remote has SDSL running at 1.5/1.5

    Right now HQ is running a with a crappy old sonicwall. HQ has a Pix 506e that was sitting in the backroom. (it works)

    MY Q is should I put PFsense in the HQ or the remote?


  • What would the pfSense do?
    I kind of dont understand what the purpose is of having the pfSense only on one site.
    You still need a device on both sides of your VPN tunnel.
    And you still need a firewall in HQ and the site.

    Why not install pfSense in both places?

  • If you change both places to pfsense, you haven´t a vpn Problem :D

  • the company would like me to use the unused pix 506e at one of the locations.

    I guess I could suggest selling that pix and put pfsense at both locations.

    Initially I wanted to use the pix at one of the locations.


  • If you don't have a specific reason for using a PIX except for "it's there" then I would always tend to use the same on both ends.
    Simplifies setup and maintenance enormously!

  • very true.

    Thanks for the input.

    Time to sell the pix

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