VLAN Configuration

  • Hi All,

    i have installed a pfSense machine along with 3 NIC's: 1xWAN 1xLAN(Intel Desktop Pro 100S) and 1xOPT, now i'm trying to configure some VLAN's on the LAN interface, which is connected to a c3560 switch in access port.
    Whcih settings should i set on the pfSense in order to work with VLAN's?
    I'm adding the corresponding VLAN's under Interfaces: Assign->VLANs then under interface assignments i'm attach the VLAN's to the LAN NIC (fxp0) and press save….then i'm loosing connection to te pfSense!
    Where do i wrong? should i change to port on the switch for trunk mode?

    Thx in advance!

  • Yes you have to configure your switch port in trunk mode with the following commands:

    switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
    switchport mode trunk

  • You will want to use each interface for either direct communications with own IP OR with VLANs.
    Don't use both on the same IF!

  • Thanks!!!

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