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  • I'm just your maybe slightly above avaerage user. I've learned a bit about networking since I've installed and ran pfSense for the last 2 years. What annoys me though is tech support at my local ISP. I'm with a small local outfit and it seems every time I call I get a buffoon on the other end of the phone. They used have one guy that was pretty good but he moved on to greener pastures.

    My current issue is an offline gateway. Apparently at 5PM local time they made some change to their internal network and bricked my connection. I have a static public IP that I pay for and it's DOA currently. I can switch my WAN to DHCP and get a connection but that puts me behind double NAT which is why I pay for the static public IP in the first place. I've had to explain what the problem is to 3 different people and it's still not working.  >:(

    Is this a normal experience? I'm limited to one option for internet access so I've only got that one experience to base this one.

    Sorry, /rant off    :-\

  • sounds typical in a no competition environment, i've had all sorts of problems and attitude galore, unfortunately I don't have any good ideas twitter/facebook but if there small prolly don't have that maybe try to drive and find a live person ?

  • What type of connection? Most ISPs in my area (cable anyway) when they give you a static IP they give you an /30 public network and the modem gets one address while your router would get the second. However if you leave your modem in NAT (PAT)/DHCP mode even with a static IP on your account you will get a DHCP for their network in that area. The other thing I often have seen is if the modem is in bridge mode (common if coming from a customer provided router) you will get DHCP on your router WAN if you do not set your static address. Just remember many provide that /30 and you need to modem as teh gateway so you can't have the modem in bridge mode.

    I have seen setups where the ISP provided DHCP is used to assign your static address using a reservation but this is getting to be less common.

  • Well it took them a couple days but they got it fixed. It was indeed a change they made. They pushed a firmware update to the modem and it bricked the settings (in their router) for my connection.

    My connection is wireless as I'm in a rural area on the way to nowhere. I'll likely never have any other option unless I move.

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