Have anyone experience put PFsense as production firewall in ISP??

  • Dear ALL,

    I have a download website which locate in one of ISP , the correct connection maximum will be reach 1000.
    The maximun bandwidth use is around 10MB.
    Right now I have no hardware firewall (only free software firewall) and performance is so bad.
    I want to use PFsense as my firewall , but anyone has same experience ?
    I know firewall need more quoto on sessions and possible to exhance PFsense corrent session?
    If yes , how to do ?
    Important is anyone put PFsense as production firewall in ISP and please share with me your experience ?

    The hardware I want to use
    MINI ITX MB like GIGABYTE  GC230D which used atom cpu
    RAM X 1G or 2G
    HD : 80G SATA will be enough

    Thanks all.

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