UPNP Limitation

  • Sorry if this has been answered already.  I have not been able to find the info I need.  Is there a way to limit UPNP to just one client PC on my network?  I wanted to just open it up to one machine just for gaming purposes.

    Thank you.

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    You mean like the UPnP Access Control Lists GUI?

  • @doktornotor:

    You mean like the UPnP Access Control Lists GUI?

    I am pretty new to this but that sounds just like what I need.  Any help with configuration is highly appreciated.

  • It's pretty self-explanatory.  Check the Enable box.  Fill in at least one ACL as per the format shown:

    Format: [allow or deny] [ext port or range] [int ipaddr or ipaddr/CIDR] [int port or range]
    Example: allow 1024-65535 1024-65535

    The example allows all ports between 1024 and 65535 internal/external to be opened by all users on the subnet.  Perhaps if you explain exactly what you're trying to do, we can help with that.

  • Thank you for the help.  I think I have it setup. I am trying to make it easier to play games on a single PC on my network.  Here is what I have entered  allow 88-65535 88-65535.

  • I am still getting UPNP mappings for other machines on my network.  I am trying to limit UPNP to a single machine on my network.

  • You have to use a /32 on the CIDR mask to limit the match to a single address. Like so:

     allow 1024-65535 1024-65535
 is the same as for all intents and purposes.

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