Deleted IPsec still trying to connect

  • Hi,

    I`m new to the pfSense and I really like it! Thank you a lot.

    My problem: I opened an IPsec with my client an got an established connection. Then i put another IPsec to get a second connection to another client. That one didn´t work so I decided to delete it on the GUI. Unfortunately it´s still in background (in log and under shell with "ipsec showall") even it´s deleted. The "ipsec showall" command tells me about my working connection "conn1000" and another "unnamed" ghost connection still trying to connect the client. I would like to open up another IPsec but this ghost connection is making me trouble. Is there any possiblity to "clean up" the database on pfSense without restoring from a backup? Any ideas to that issue?
    Thank you and good evening from Germany,


  • I know when we had IPSEC configuration stuck trying to connect after deleting it in the web interface, a reboot cleared it out.

    So I would recommend a reboot of the pfSense box.

  • Hi,

    thank you for your reply!

    I rebooted twice and still in log and in ipsec showall. There is no entry in the config.xml of that last client anymore. Reboot didn't´t help :/

    Any more ideas?

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