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  • First I'd like to say thanks! for the awesome software. I downloaded it and installed it on an older computer to get my feet wet with the firewall behavior/setup, and I like it. Its an older tower computer that is pulling a lot of juice, more than a firewall/router needs to. Prior to the tower pfSense we were using a Cisco security device, that apparently had a back door in it and was allowing port 500 to be opened and accessed by anyone who knew about it. Which brings me to these security device appliances.

    I'm curious if the pfSense developers are going to release a security gateway appliance that is based on an AMD core? After the fiasco of Intel's Management Engine I really would not want to buy an security device with a gaping security hole embedded in the chipset. The SG-1000 looks awesome! Has anyone notice any drop in transfer rates on a network using it?

    Thanks for any replies.

  • The PC Engines APU2 is based on a relatively modern quad core AMD CPU with Intel NICs.  Can't speak to the plans to release "official" hardware based on anything AMD but many use it and like it.  I've seriously considered buying one but have settled for now with my pfSense running in a little ESXi server based on an AMD AM1 APU.  Wouldn't do for a fast connection, but for my ~50x5 it does great and I'm running 4 other lightweight VMs along with it (2 Linux, 2 Windows).

  • My current setup is an AMD E-350 dual core 1600Ghz which is going to be upgraded as soon as I have some time to an AMD A4-5000 Quad-Core APU 1500Ghz. I am upgrading because the E-350 begins to show signs of age and using 3 times as much power compared to the A4-5000 so the money spend is payed back within 12-18 month due to power savings. The E-350 has be running pfSense for 3 years 24/7 without any downtime except occasional pfSense upgrade.

  • Thank You! for the responses. The APU2c4 looks interesting, and I've always been a DIY person. Some say control freak, but w/e.  ::)

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