FreeDNS with CARP results in interface IP not CARP IP [WORKAROUND]

  • I have a gateway group setup that follows CARP addresses instead of the associated interface addresses.  I use FreeDNS to update an A record.  It appears to work correctly and the Cached IP shows the correct CARP IP.  However using dig against an external DNS server shows that the actual address registered is the IP for the WAN interface.

    I found this: :

    You can also (alternatively) perform updates like this:

    (https/SSL is also optionally supported/available)

    I tried to do a packet capture to see what form the update is taking but it is encrypted, which is good but I can't use it to debug the problem.  I've also grepped around in /usr/local/www but I'm no programmer 8)

    EDIT: Workaround:

    Create a Custom Dynamic DNS

    Result Match:

    Updated 1 host(s)|ERROR: Address %IP% has not changed.

  • there is something easier also.

    go to

    You'll see a url there copy that url.

    Make a custom entry.

    Fill in the url at update url and click save. No need for username or password or resulting match.

    Not sure how often its updated this way. but it works.