Loosing connectivity when adding an IPSec Tunnel

  • Current Configuration:

    • Dual WAN (Inet1 and Inet2)

    • 3 Internal Networks (Private, Public and DMZ)

    • Each internal firewall rule has a default gateway group (allows for failover if a WAN interface goes down)

    I am trying to add a IPSec VPN tunnel for our internal network users only (leaving the other 2 Internal networks as they are. i.e. DMZ, Public, etc.). I have created Phase 1 with no problems. But as soon as I add Phase 2 configuration and apply it, I loose all connectivity to the pfSense firewall. I recover from this by using the console to revert back to the previous configuration.

    Any thoughts would be of great help

    Thank you

    *** EDIT ***

    OK. More details. It seems that VPN tunnel work just fine and we are able to access our remote site. The problem we are having is that we can not longer access the pfSense box for management. I think it is a RULES problem but have not be able to figure it out.

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