Softflowd source interface used for export

  • Hi

    i've PfSense installed in a hardware which has 4 LAN interfaces, 2 WAN interfaces, and 2 OpenVPN interfaces each one running on a WAN interface
    i've configured Softflowd to collect statistics from the 4 LAN and the 2 WAN, the service is running but i'm not receiving any Data

    my question :
    Which interface does Softflowd use to connect to the Netflow collector Server ?

    i am asking because, in Cisco, we specify the interfaces from which we collect Netflow statistics and also we specify ONE interface which is used to export the Data to the collector
    this last point is lacking in Softflowd configuration in the WebUI

    in my case, i want PfSense use the LAN3 address to export the flow, the collector server is reachable through the first OpenVPN1 interface which operate over the WAN1

    Thanks a lot

  • hi

    iam intersting in your topic ….do get any solution... could you sharing into this topic ???


  • Hi,

    Softflowd traffic is sending to the collector based on the pfSense routing table.
    In your case, I suppose you have got a static route to join the collector through OpenVPN1 interface. So, it's OpenVPN1 the source interface.

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