A Ping A Second – The Swiss would be proud

  • First of all, PFSense rocks my FACE OFF!!! :-)  Absolutely love it.  It's amazing to me that this is an open source product.  Kudos and Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all who have contributed!  I am the adopted sysadmin for a Fraternity chapter and this was the perfect solution for what they needed for their house.

    A very small, random, minor question - I've noticed that my PFSense box pings a host on the LAN once a second, every second with amazing precision. The host happens to be a Cisco switch with an IP of The PFS's IP is .1.1.
    A.) Why does it do this?
    B.) Is there a way to choose what host PFS hits?  I mean, c'mon… One ping a second ain't a big deal at all, but it's odd to me that it does this. Also, to get to that host, it has to go through an intermediary switch.  I'd rather it just hit the switch closest to it and call it a day.
    Any ideas?

    Again, PFSense is amazing, as is this support community.

    Be well,
    -E. Dravis-

  • There are only three reasons pfSense will ping something.

    1. DHCP server prior to assigning that lease. That IP is within the default DHCP scope, and if something on your LAN is requesting a DHCP lease exactly once a second it will cause it to ping once a second.
    2. It's setup to do so in the load balancer (guessing that's not the case)
    3. It's a gateway of one of your interfaces and you have the Quality RRD graphs enabled.  (guessing that's not the case)

    Note to self– don't let other people login to my pfSense box!!!
    This install is in a fraternity house, and following the instructions from XBox support, one idiot unplugged my pfSense box.  After I finished yelling at him for being such an idiot for an hour or so, I logged on and checked things out. Oddly, I noticed the ping had stopped.  I ask the other 2 guys who have login rights about it, and I figured it out.
    One of them entered "ping" under the "Command" option in diagnostics instead of using the Ping function.  Since the command didn't return any data on that screen, he simply closed his browser and logged on again. Ergo, the ping command kept running in the background, doing exactly what it was told to do.
    Additional note to self -- next time, login via a shell and run top before running to the forums.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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