How to install ruby on pfsense?

  • Hello!
    I've got pfSense as a router and I've got a script on ruby that i need to run on pfSense.
    I tried to install ruby throw and it haven't work, i was searching ruby throw pkg and i haven't found.

    So I've got a question, is there any way to install ruby on pfSense?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Not at all easily and we would never recommend it.

    Can you not convert your script to run in something already available?


  • Suddenly it is very difficult. :(

    Could you please say, why ruby was removed from pfsense ports? In freebsd there are ruby packages in ports. O_o

  • I doubt ruby was ever part of the pfSense repository (correct me if I'm wrong) and it's really a case of keep it simple stupid philosophy, don't build and offer something that that system doesn't need to operate. We don't have C/C++ compilers either because of the same reason. PfSense is a firewall system, not a general purpose server distribution.

  • I mean that in freebsd ports were ruby, not in pfSense ports. :)

  • Yes I know it was possible back when pfSense was using the FreeBSD binary packages directly but things have changed with the new PKG packaging system. Now pfSense has its own binary repositories that have only a subset of the FreeBSD ports and trying to mix FreeBSD's own binary packages with the pfSense ones will probably not work because pfSense has some very different defaults like no X11.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah, you could change the pkg repo back to the FreeBSD pkg base and install anything you want but there's a good chance of breaking stuff and you won't see updates etc.

    What are you wanting to run that needs ruby? Perhaps we could suggest an alternative.


  • Actually there is no problem with updates when you change repo back to pfSense after installing desired packages ;)
    Also there is no problem to use forum search and find out how to do it on your own risk.

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