From 2.1.5 to Latest 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1

  • As I was saying in another thread, I had a few FW stay on 2.1.5 because I had problems with firewalls 2.2-2.3.x and IPSEC VPN Client connections.  I had to setup a new network so I decided to work through 2.3.2_R-p1 and getting Shrewsoft working.  I made slight changes to my configurations to use IPSEC VPN XAuth and a couple other settings and it finally connected and route.  Previously, my settings connected but no connection to other internal hosts etc were going through or routing.  A lot of people has this problem judging from previous threads.  I suggest others trying a different configuration such as this -

    Thanks to Shrewsoft client (buy pro if for your clients) and support the project, and people like thegeekpub above, IPSEC client VPN is more than functional.

  • I wanted to add that when you do the IPSEC configuration with Shrewsoft, the first time you connect there is no routing or can't access internal network.  What I had to do was to change the VIRTUAL ADDRESS POOL IP Address to something different for the clients to properly connect.  Aftter change, I was then able to reconnect and ping / access internal resources.

    It seems like a bug, but after applying IPSEC / Shrewsoft VPN, this is the method that worked everytime.

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