Policy Based Routing

  • Hi everybody,
    I need your support to solve a, probably, easy issue that is driving me crazy!

    In my current configuration the pfsense box has 2 gateway: WAN int (default gateway) and VPN int.
    pfsense also acts has DHCP server for the subnet

    Now the goal is to route certain IP addresses to the VPN gateway and the rest to the default gateway.

    Ideally i would like to have this split:

    • WAN
    • VPN
    • WAN

    Believe me or not i was not able to find in the interface a rule to select a block of IPs

    Could you please help me to figure out what is the best solution?
    I would be ready to take into consideration a policy based on MAC address (but i would prefer to use IP blocks)

    Thanks in advance to everybody

  • You can use aliases for this. Firewall > Aliases > IP.

    Add an alias, call it e.g. DirectToWAN and add the ranges and to it.
    Add another one and call it e.g. DirectToVPN and add the range
    Use these aliases for sources (single host or alias) in your firewall rules.

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