Firmware upgrade on SG-1000 failed. Console shows "CCCCCC…" - firmware link?

  • Hi all - I recently purchased a SG-1000 and was prompted to upgrade the firmware on the web console. I started the upgrade and after a number of reboots and significant time (~60mins) the web console was not reconnecting. Unsure what to do I unplugged and rebooted the SG-1000. While it does power back on, attempting to connect via console does not work with Putty showing a seemingly never-ending line of the letter "C". Additionally, the SG-1000 is not responsive on the LAN port. It is no issuing DHCP addresses and when I statically assign one to the NIC in the range that was working before the firmware upgrade the web console is not accessible. I am trying to follow the direction here ( to restore the firmware but alas, the link contained in the directions results in an "Access Denied." Does anyone know where I can obtain the installation media referenced in the directions?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Did you register your device?

    Once you register your device (which is free) using its serial number, you get a login to the portal which has a link to the firmware.

    The "CCCC" repeating string is the BIOS waiting for a serial upload of a working boot environment. You should be able to write the firmware to an SD card and boot/reinstall from there as the FAQ suggests.

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