Load balancing: traffic routed to OPT1 not getting out/coming back

  • Hi all,

    Apologies if this has already been covered…..I did have a look through the forum and couldn't find anything which related to my scenario.

    I've set up a basic load balancing configuration using a clean install of pfSense 1.2 Release with 2 ADSL lines (fed by modems using DMZ) and one LAN interface.

    Modem: /24 (DMZ set to --> pfSense: (with gateway set to

    Modem: /24 (DMZ set to --> pfSense: (with gateway set to

    LAN: /24

    Status->Load Balancing shows both connections are up and I set up the load balancing pools and LAN filters exactly as described in: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/MultiWanVersion1.2

    Basically, access to the internet only works some of the time. I installed and ran tcptrack from an SSH shell and worked out that only the traffic that was routed the WAN connection was coming in and the traffic that was routed to OPT1 was not. I had two shell windows open at the same time, one monitoring the WAN interface and the other monitoring the OPT1 interface. When I went to a website and traffic was sent to the WAN, I'd see the connections to the IP address of the website showing along with the bandwidth that these connections were using as the data was coming in. When the traffic went to OPT1, again, the connections to IP address would appear but there would be 0 bandwidth being used. I take it from this that the request aren't even making it past the OPT1 interface?

    Both modems are pingable and their web interfaces can be accessed, so I'm thinking the interfaces are configured correctly.

    I thought that the modem on OPT1 wasn't working correctly so I deleted the load balancing filters (replaced with the default lan rule), and put the OPT1 modem on the WAN connection and it worked just fine.

    I'm a bit of newbie with this so surely I must be missing something obvious? A NAT rule of something? The the bit that does the load balancing must be working correctly because I can see it's attempting connections on the OPT1 interface.

    Not sure if this is of any use, but when the instructions in the link above say to put the gateway of the OPT1 router in the OPT1 configuration, which in my case is However, when I view Status->Interfaces the OPT1 interface shows as the gateway, which is the gateway for the WAN connection?

    If anyone can help, I'd be grateful for their time! :-)

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