Getting mixed speed results on different Operating Systems

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    I currently run windows 10 pro daily on an ssd, I have a gigabit internet connection, I've noticed on windows I can barely break 500mbps, the other day I plugged a hard drive in my computer with ubuntu on it and booted to that instead of my windows ssd, I ran the same 2 speedtest I usually run on the 2 different websites and low and behold I am hitting around 900mbps, I tested again monitoring pfsense firewall graphs in/out through the wan and lan and the numbers match up, on windows it shows I am barely breaking 500-600 on the graphs and on ubuntu it shows 900+, my windows computer is babied and I have no unnecessary programs/services running the background, I even tested in safe mode and it returns the same results, posting here hoping someone has an idea as to where I should look to next as at this point I am quite lost I used to see good throughput on the same Os but not anymore

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    so you use to see 900mbps on this windows machine.  And now only half?

    What build of windows 10 are you running?  Did you install/update any sort of 3rd party firewall/security software on it - those can produce a significant hit to performance sometimes.  Especially if not tuned or some crappy version..

    For support of windows you prob have better luck on a windows support forum..

  • What does Windows get when you bypass pfSense?

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