• Folks, need a little help understanding the path priority with regards to a multi-WAN and VPN setup.  ???

    I have a site that currently has 2 Internet providers and we installed the pfSense box with this in mind. We are using Policy Based Routing (PBR) or group gateways in the rules table to route traffic accordingly.

    My next step was to add a VPN connection where I am routing specific traffic. The problem I am having now is that the rules that I have in place to allow traffic between various LANs (Internal, DMZ, Other) does not work. I have tried applying the same rules to the IPSec section but that did not help. I have also tried to remove the group gateways from the rules and still no luck.

    If I turn off (disable) the VPN everything starts to work normally again. I never loose access to the Internet during any of this process

    On a side note, I also loose management access to the pfSense box if the VPN/IPSec is enabled. I have tried adding rules to the IPSec section to allow access to the firewall but no luck. I can access the pfSense box from the other networks just fine.

    Any thoughts?