Multi public subnet IPs and Routing Loops

  • hello,

    now i using MoNowall, 1 WAN port connecting 1 fiber from ISP, and ISP give me 3 public subnet IPs. make MoNowall route IP, and make NAT.
    Things happened, when and make 1:1 NAT is okay, but since make port NAT will cause Routing  Loops, like snap pictures.
    Then I try to use pfSense, this will be okay?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So those network actually routed to you via a different transit?  Or the 2 routed via one of the others..

    Or are you just hanging off same connection??  So in reality just running multiple layer 3 networks over the same layer 2??

  • my router IP is, ISP said and routing by, and and those usually is gateway can use by NAT.

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