Newbie question on portforwarding

  • I have noticed that everything I read tells me the destination type has always shown WAN address Why, can some explain, why it shouldn't say LAN address, I see the redirect target IP, that makes sense, but not clear on the previous quesiion

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    when your on the internet, ie outside pfsense - how would you get to a rfc1918 address??  So the destination of the traffic would have to be your WAN or internet IP ie address so pfsense can see the traffic which it then sends to your redirected or inside IP.

  • I see so the word "destination" refers to out going traffic

    Thank you

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    no has nothing to do with outgoing traffic.

    Im on the internet.. Lets say coming from  And I want to talk to some box on your network which has a IP… How would I get to that IP???  rfc1918 addresses do not route over the internet.  How would My traffic get to your pfsense??

    But what I can get to is your public IP say So my "destination" is your wan address!!!  This is INBOUND to you...  So with your port forward your saying pfsense traffic you see INBOUND to your wan IP, send that to

    The destination on the rule on your WAN is inbound to that interface..

  • Thank you for taking the time to explain it

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