2.3.2 breaks win7 after a time

  • Hi all,

    I have a weird problem with my 2.3.2 build.

    After an indeterminate amount of time ( a day or two sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes a few hours ) windows 7 boxen stop being able to talk to the network. The interface shows as up but you just cant ping anything, locally or otherwise!

    I've tested this with multiple nic cards in my main PC and with a Win7 laptop connected by WiFi or direct and both exhibit the same problem.

    My Linux boxen are unaffected and quite happily ping each other and connect to anything I point them to.

    But these Win7 hosts… grrr.. something emitted by Pfsense causes them to fail.

    Taking the Pfsense F/W out of the mix fixes everything. i.e. dropping back to standard NAT + FW in a Billion 7800NX works fine for all hosts.

    Any help appreciated!



  • I'm curious as to how pfSense affects these devices not being able to talk to each other on the same network, something that doesn't involve pfSense at all.

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  • Can you ping other hosts on your LAN or sites on the internet?  Could be DNS related.

  • Network topology?

  • If you're pinging raw IP addresses then pfSense has nothing to do with problem unless (very unlikely though and you aren't providing enough information) there is an IP address conflict in your network and pfSense is somehow the cause of the conflict. If you're pinging DNS names then you need to look at the DNS forwarder/resolver logs on pfSense for signs of anything amiss.

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