Delay to work my NAT static

  • Hello guys, I have a little question about NAT.

    When I configure the NAT static to assign to a IP address. It takes a long time to my IP external surfing on internet.

  • Please re-phrase.  None of that makes any sense.

  • Sorry marvosa, maybe I didn't know explain.

    I will try explain again.

    I have a Switch cisco and I removed all the NATs on Cisco, so I have done the configurations of all NATs to my PFsense, But the client begin the suf only after some hours.

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    if nat was wrong then it wold never work..

    Going to need more info to work with here.  Maybe you will have better support in your native language area.  Seems your struggling with english.

  • There isn't wrong with my NAT.

    My problem is the delay to my client work.

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    delay.. without more info it is impossible to even guess what your talking about.  There is nothing in "nat" that would cause a hours delay..  Once this delay happens do they then work fine?  Its possible they had a different IP and you had to wait for their lease to expire then get a new IP on the new network since you removed their other nat..

    As always a drawing of your network would be helpful in understanding your environment so we are all clear on how your setup.  You say you removed a nat, so I would assume your clients are now on a different network ip scheme..  Which is via dhcp?  So if you had an old lease, you would have to release and then get a new lease from the dhcp server on the new network your on.

    Or did you remove the nat and now your just routing to a downstream network vs natting to it?  These are details that need to be understood to try and help you.

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