Can I achieve this functionality with Squidguard?

  • I have three groups of sites that I would like to filter with Squidguard:

    Non ethical sites - Porn, Gambling etc
    Security risk sites
    Timewasting sites

    All three groups need to be redirected to three different URLs
    Non-Ethical and Security should be blocked 24/7 but the Timewasting sites should only be blocked during office hours (09:00-17:30).
    All three filters need to apply to everyone on my LAN.

    At first I thought it was easy; created the three groups within ACL and allocated different redirection URLs. I created the Time rule and applied it to the Timewasting ACL.

    None of the filters worked because I hadn't specified a source IP or range. As I need all three filters applied to my entire LAN I put the whole subnet in the Source box ( for each of my rules
    This seemed to work fine but I then realised that only the first rule in the ACL list was working as all three rules have the same source range.

    Am I going about this completely wrong or is it not possible to have the filters as I have defined above?


  • Individual redirection URL possible have for 'user destinations' entered on Destinations page. Blacklist standard items not relised for use  with this future (SG can, but GUI can't).
    Each ACL used for individual Source-set (source Ip's/domains/users). Time also used for ACL only.
    If you want use some rule as 24/7 with timed ACL - need select this rule in ontime and in overtime column. If you want use rule only for 'YouTime' - select you rule for left column only.
    You can see next tutorials:

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