H.323 Video Conferencing is really choppy

  • Hi Guys

    I have a fairly busy pfSense router so this may be down to hardware and needing to upgrade (custom NUC, Celeron J1900, 4GB RAM, SSD, 4 x Intel 1Gb NIC)…

    H.323 calls to/from a LifeSize Team 220 is really choppy.  I get a lot of video glitching and drops which I didn't used to get.  I've set the Firewall to conservative, NAT is via port forward to all of the right ports.  Since this hasn't improved the situation I decided to opt for some QoS:

    PRIQ type
    qACK and qVOIP to 7 for SIP and all ports that the LifeSize needs to talk on.

    This still doesn't actually cut the mustard though and I'm still getting freezing and drops on the calls.  I've tested to multiple demo sites too so it's not that.

    Any other ideas before I just upgrade the hardware?

  • How are you qualifying your traffic?  Have you confirmed that your traffic is going into the proper queues?

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