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  • hi

    i'd like to ask devs or anyone with the information on pfCenter. Searching this forum brings a couple topics here and there but there's no definitive answer as to where this project is currently. I'm sure many have large scale deployments the management of multiple pfsense instances becomes a bit of a pain. I understand that this probably isn't a priority since the boxes don't get touched ofter after they're set up but if anyone could shed some info i'd appreciate that. we're at about 25 install across our org.

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    We don't have much of anything public at the moment, but it is progressing.

  • Any hint on the direction this project is heading?
    Will the foundation be a pull or a push mechanism, e.g. will it have the ability to be reached by installations otherwise hidden behind firewalls/routers/… without the need for a dedicated tunnel?
    I have some devices within corporate networks that can get to the internet through their routers but no way to connect to them from the outside initially.
    (with one's main purpose being an NTP server to synchronize CCTV recordings and doing local DHCP for service hosts ;-)

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    I can't say too much, not sure how much is meant for public consumption, but it's safe to say the situation you describe is a common situation we have accounted for.

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