RDP between VLAN takes a while to initialize

  • Hi all.  I have a VLAN 160 and VLAN 1.  I am RDP'ing from -> and it hangs for about….7 seconds to connect.  Once connected it seems fine but it takes a while to initialize.  I am allowing TCP/UDP 3389, ICMP, 53 TCP/UDP from VLAN160 to VLAN1, but I am not allowing VLAN1 to VLAN 160 in any way (which should be OK because the firewall is stateful).  If I add an allow any any to the top of the rule for VLAN160 interface, RDP connects immediately.

    I've done a packet capture and I don't see anything glaring.  Grrr.

    Any advice?

  • So I've done some more research after posting this by logging my rules.  I will have some interesting results that I need to confirm, but I believe I may have fixed this issue.  I will follow up for sure once I have been able to lab out this solution a little better.

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