DDNS and DNSoMatic

  • After a fair amount of struggle, I got DNSoMatic and OpenDNS talking to one another.  Currently DNSoMatic is waiting for first update.  I use OpenDNS for their DNS servers.  Used the doc here as a guide to set up pfsense:  https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=112288.0

    1. Wondering if I have the DDNS settings correct: 
              - for hostname I use:  "all.dnsomatic.com" (per their docs)
              - enter username (I use my email address) and password DNSoMatic site authentication, then force update.

    Q:  Cached IP Status shows N/A with a time stamp, is this normal?

    Q:  How often does pfSense push out an IP update to DNSoMatic?  Is the interval user configurable?


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