Multi wan port forwarding

  • I got 2 fiber lines working together but port forwarding is hard to set up

    I have 2 unraid servers and my main PC, plex calls for an IP and port with changes between wan connections, is there a way for me to tell my server to only use 1 connection and my main PC still use both connections for speed?

    or is there a better way for sort port forwarding or a way for having all ports on 1 wan directed to my main unraid server

    I don't know what to think so any help or ideas thanks Craig

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    For inbound traffic (from the Internet to your servers) – If you have your WANs setup properly (e.g. if they are static, pick the gateway on the interface settings), reply-to will make sure that if someone connects to WAN1 on the port, the reply goes back out WAN1. If they connect in on  WAN2, the reply goes back out WAN2.

    For outbound traffic, if you want your server to prefer one WAN, add a gateway group to do failover and then setup a rule at the top of the LAN rules to match the server as a source and use the failover group on that rule instead of a load balancing group.

    If neither of those apply you'll have to give us more information about what exactly you're trying to accomplish, what you have in your configuration now, and what sort of errors or unexpected behavior you see.

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