DHCP server stops handing out leases after some time

  • Hi all,

    I have lurked here for some time. I have been using PFSense for ages but before I was running a dhcp/bind server on a separate machine. Last month I consolidated onto the PFSense box and things seemed to have gone fine. After a few weeks (2 I believe) I had to start restarting the dhcp server from time to time. Existing leases would not renew no matter the client. DNS works fine, and static IP'd machines are also unaffected

    Below is the information on my pfsense:

    The last failure was noticed at 22:00 last night. I went back in the logs (via the UI) about 28 hours and didnt see anything that looked like an error. Clients are varied across Windows, Linux and Android. Last night the client logs did not provide anything useful, simply that "dhcp request timed out"

    I am not afraid of the CLI but I am not very BSD literate. Any help is appreciated

  • I would very much appreciate it if someone had anything to try or look at when it happens again

  • Banned

    Perhaps post the DHCP logs.

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