PfSense as PXE boot server

  • Is it possible to setup pfSense as a PXE boot server?

    At the moment I have an arrangement whereby pfSense assigns IP addresses to PXE boot clients and booting is done via tftp which is run on a FreeNAS box. What I'd like to do is run tftpd and store boot images on the pfSense box.

    Has anyone done this?

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    Install the tftpd package.

  • I don't see tftpd listed as an available pkg under Package Manager.

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    It's available just fine on 2.3.3 and 2.4.

  • Strange….  I did an upgrade during the last week and it says I'm on the latest version - 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1(amd64)...

  • I have tftpd installed now, and wondered if there is a straightforward way of copying boot images which currently exist on my FreeNAS PXE server.

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    Just use SCP and upload to /tftpboot. (Definitely wouldn't use the GUI for uploading ISO images.)

  • Is there a how to for this subject or is somebody willing to explain how to set this up? I searched and found nothing pfsense specific. Instructions for other OS are complex and likely do not apply. I would love to PXE boot ISOs hosted on pfsense.

  • At the moment I only use pfSense as a DHCP server, the rest of the PXE boot process is handled by my FreeNAS box.

    On the pfSense box goto

    Services -> DHCP Server

    Near the bottom there are options for TFTP Server, NextServer, Default BIOS filename, Root path.

    I haven't yet got round to migrating from FreeNAS to pfSense, but these are the options you need to set up to get PXE booting to work.

    Also, I'd recommend reading

  • Thank you for the reply. In the meantime, I have figured this out. The settings in pfsense were relatively simple to figure out. More difficult was the installation of pxelinux and configuration thereof. I started with the link you provided and then went through numerous tutorials to get my various boot disks to work. When I find time I will document this better.

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