PFSense + Plex

  • Hi, I’m new to Pfsense and trying to get some sort of QoS system is kicking my ass. I’m coming from an Asus RT-N66u running Shibby Tomato. The QoS settings in there was a lot more… simple? and straight forwards.

    Make a Class, find the ports for stuff I wanted in the class, then give a minimum and max speed.

    I thought PFSense’s traffic shaping would be similar, but I’ve tried watching some youtube videos and reading some articles but I still don’t  understand it. Like at all.

    First thing I’m trying to do is to have Plex’s upload have the highest piroity. So if the upload is being used by something else and someone starts watching a plex stream, it’ll throttle down everything else to ensure the plex stream gets my full upload speed.

    Would anyone be able to give me a quick runthrough of how to achieve this or links on how to?

    Really thinking I bit off way more than I could chew with PFsense… thanks…

  • So far, I am trying to do something similar.

    I ended up just setting up a PRIQ set of queues with a qHigh/qDefault/qLAN on my WAN interface to watch the upload and LAN for the download.

    I setup just a few firewall rules that I believe are working properly.

    Updated - 15-Feb-2017
    Slight update to my post. I did my rules as floats but changed them to quick so the first match from top to bottom wins. For whatever reason, my brain works a little better thinking that way as I can clearly define the matches instead of going float without quick which evaluates them from top to bottom and does the last match.

    After you have the rules, you can click on the Status column and see if a rule is matching on the state table. It’s pretty slick and i missed that clickable piece the first few days.

  • What I did for plex is go to floating rules copy the high priority rule for https and put the plex port 32400. btw I gave http high priority in the wizard


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