Internet randomly stopped working

  • So I've had pfsense for a while and it's been working perfectly. Here's the problem…

    Was sitting on the couch yesterday morning and randomly everything just stopped working. I lost internet connection on all my devices. I went through trying to reload my saved config but that didn't work. Using the diagnostics, the box still has the ability to ping external addresses and can resolve urls. No machine on my lan can do it however.

    I've since reset to factory defaults to keep the family happily online. This morning I went one by one restoring my config and it broke on DNS resolver.

    I am totally lost now because I've changed nothing and it won't work. Any pointers on looking at logs, etc?

  • The same exact issue has happened again. I cannot figure out what is causing it, but it's incredibly frustrating. Has anyone has this problem? Any ideas? I cannot figure it out.

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    You said it broke DNS?

    How is your DNS configured?

    What is the status of all of your services when the system goes down?

    What do the system logs say?

  • You said it broke DNS?
    yes, but I was still able to perform dns lookup from the box. Just not any device on the LAN.

    How is your DNS configured?
    i didn't change anything from the default settings. I'm using google dns servers. Otherwise, didn't change anything.

    What is the status of all of your services when the system goes down?
    everything seems to be working fine. I will restore to my last working setup - which will immediately cause it to stop working. This is the most confusing part. No matter what I do, my last working backup will cause it to stop.

    What do the system logs say?
    i will get the logs and post them when I get a chance.

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    Try using the DNS as a resolver only.

    You said that it works at factory defaults but not in your configuration.

    If your configuration is using googles DNS servers then it isn't default.

    Remove any entries from DNS fields in General setup, DHCP server, turn off forwarding mode in the DNS Resolver settings, uncheck register DHCP leases & static mappings in the resolver unless you specifically need that.

  • Between pfSense and the LAN devices, what does work when the Internet goes out? Can you ping the firewall? Can you issue DNS commands? Can you ping external IP addresses? and anything else you can think of.

  • Wanted to at least reply and thank you for the info. I am on an extended trip and will not be back home to try the suggestions out for a while. Once I do get back, I will give it a shot and post back here.

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