10Gbps WAN and 4 port LAN server build help

  • Good afternoon,

    I'm currently building a pfSense server that will mainly be used to link two sites together using pfSense's OpenVPN Server.

    This server will be in Dallas, TX ( and the OpenVPN client will be a pfSense router in Montreal, Canada (

    The ISP will provide a 10Gbps link to the server using a fiber optic connection and I will have to feed four WAN connections.

    I will buy a WAN card Intel X550-T1 and a LAN card Intel X710-T4.

    Will pfSense be able to handle that load ?

    Attached to that server will be a FreeNAS iSCSI Target, a Windows Server 2016 for virtualisation and a bunch of local clients and printers.

    Thank you.

  • @expertmax:

    Will pfSense be able to handle that load ?

    Short answer: no.  I'll leave it to the experts to explain about the limits of pf, but even if pf was able to handle the full 10Gbps connection, OpenVPN would fall flat on its face.  You're probably better off getting a private link between the sites rather than trying to tunnel over the internet.  Even then you're going to need a high end router.  This isn't a job for pfSense.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Just to be clear you need a 10Gbps VPN tunnel?


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