Freeradius (latest) LDAP-Auth not working

  • Hi,

    i got feeradius running on PFSense (at another VLAN than Captive Portal). Lokal Users works fine. But any LDAP-User is getting login incorrect.

    The Diagnostics / Authentication tool says succes when trying with an LDAP-User for that Auth-Server. So i`m really confused, why the test is passed via LDAp and the radiusd can't access :)

    Feb 13 16:00:10 radiusd 4328 Login OK: [kmueller/XXX] (from client lokaler port 0)
    Feb 13 16:00:28 radiusd 4328 Login incorrect: [kmueller/<via auth-type="MSCHAP">] (from client 113er port 0 cli ec9bf377d957)</via>

    really struggeling with that :/

  • Where the hell comes the Auth-Type MSCHAP from? I do not set this as default anywhere.

    Can i start the service with the X-Flag as native with radiusd -X ?

  • If somebody is also struggeling with that. I installed the samba-package, added the pfsense to AD, and finally configured freeradius to authenticate via ntlm_auth. Now everything works fine.

  • Banned


    I installed the samba-package, added the pfsense to AD

  • very statefull…

  • vers stupid you guy…. "Not a pfSense employee, they cannot fire me..." no more words to say... fu

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