School DNS

  • Hello all,

    You guys helped me out with my last issue, hopefully you can do it again. I have a pfsense router acting as a DNS resolver.  I am on a university network. The campus has main dns servers which I have configured in a domain override (even though the school's DHCP server hands out those dns servers they only work with an override). One of the colleges on campus have individual dns servers that I need to access. I remote into PCs on that college's network all the time and i have to use the full which is annoying to type 100 times. I am trying to make an alias so I can type host-name.cob and have it resolve to the same ip. So far I have tried a domain override using cob and the college's dns server's ip, I tried a firewall alias and port forwarding rule, and I have tried adding the college's dns servers to the main general setup dns servers list. What should I try next?

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