Need help withim connecting pfsense to a managed switch

  • Hello,

    I am having problems connecting pfsense to my managed switch. This is my setup

    ISP router (wan) > pfsense > (lan) switch > pc's

    I cannot get to the configuration page from my pc. Is this something to do with VLAN's?

    I have searched the forum and elsewhere and can't find a guide on how to setup pfsense so I can use my switchead.

    How do I set up pfsense?



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    well how is your switch setup.  If the port connected to pfsense wan and your PC are in the same untagged vlan there would be nothing you would have to do.

    Now if your running the connection to pfsense as a tagged vlan then yes you would have have to config pfsense to know what tag he is looking for the network he is suppose to be in.  Your going to need to give a bit more info if you want any help.

    What switch, what is the config on the ports your connecting to pfsense lan interface and what is the config on the port connected to your PC(s)

  • The switch is a netgear prosafe plus switch.

    All I have done is plugged ethernet cables running from 3 pcs in the switch and then on ethernet cable in the my lan port on the pfsense machine.

    I actually haven't configured anything yet because I didn't know I needed to. Nor do I know how to.

    How do I set things up so all ports are working?

    Sorry, I am new to all this.

  • What is the LAN address space you have on pfSense's LAN and what is the management address of the switch? If they don't fall onto the same subnet you have to temporarily connect a laptop or a PC with an IP address that matches the subnet of the management address and go from there.

    Managed switches should come pre-configured with just one VLAN (usually VLAN 1) and all ports part of that VLAN making it operate exactly like an unmanaged switch until you start making your own modifications to the configuration.

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    "How do I set things up so all ports are working?"

    Pretty sure like 99.999% until you setup stuff that switch will act just like any dumb switch.. All ports in vlan 1.. What Kpa already stated ;)

    What specific model do you have - there are a lot of them..

    Yeah says so right on their page - if you want to use it as dumb switch you just plug it in..
    Configure the Switch
    ProSAFE Web Managed (Plus) Switches are Plug-and-Play, so they can be used without any configuration. Just connect power, connect to your network and to your other devices, and you’re done. You can also configure and manage additional advanced features of the switch either by using your computer’s web browser or by installing the ProSAFE Plus Utility on your Windows-based computer.

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