IPSec between pFsense & m0n0wall

  • Hi everyone,

    i'm just out of ideas and can't figure out what's going on.
    Here are the details:

    pFsense version 2.3.2
    m0n0wall version 1.8.1

    Site A with pFsense public IP
    Site B with m0n0wall public IP

    Since I updated pfsense to the new version, the tunnel is not working anymore.
    All settings are exactly the same.

    When I checked the logs from B site, the connection they try to establish together is wrong because it gives me this:

    racoon: INFO: initiate new phase 1 negotiation:[500]<=>[500]

    For some reason it does not pick the right public IP Address… For info, this IP address is the old "Public ip" (even though I cant understand how it could be 10.0.0..),

    Any help please?

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